June 22, 2024
Camel Cash Casino

Camel Motion has launched Camel Cash Casino —  a Social Casino Game which is a delight for all the Casino lovers across the globe. If you are into Social Casino Games and want to be saved from the hassles of spending money, pick up your Apple phones and download this game at the earliest. There are more than 40 slot machine games available in Camel Cash Casino. Slot machine games are the perfect platform to experience the chills and thrills of a Casino without shelling anything from the pocket. Camel Cash Casino has such an incredibly interactive interface that the gamers find it irresistible. Here are a handful of attractions from its endless number of features.

  • Variety of Slots:- With more than 40 slots, there is a lot of variety in Camel Cash Casino. Monster Frankenstein, Vampire Fortune, Kong of the Jungle, Kitty the Invader are some of the slot machines that the gamers can make the most of. This only adds freshness to the Casino experience, thereby enhancing the pleasure of the gamers. 


  • Cash Cards Album:- Spin again and again and collect stamps on a daily basis. The collection of stamps is directly proportional to your winning of rewards. Its simple, the more stamps, the much bigger is the prize. You can fill up your lucky stamp collection in order to win huge and hefty rewards.


  • Other Games:- You may step into the fun zone with thrilling vibes for Roulette, Craps and other table games, such as Video Poker, Baccarat, BlackJack and Keno. Enhance your Las Vegas experience by playing all these other Casino games. The Blackjack of Camel Cash Casino is distinctive in its own regard.  


  • Camel Arena:- This unique feature which is unique in its own sense lets the more enthusiastic players to build their own village. They can also raid and attack other villages. For the building purposes, the gamer needs gold coins for the development of his own village. Never ever seen before, this is also the USP of Camel Cash Casino.
  • Numerous Rewards and Bonuses:- Camel Cash Casino also offers a lot of rewards to keep the user engaged. Immediately, the user gets free one million coins while logging in the first time. Aside from these coins, they also get daily bonuses and weekly bonuses. The Daily bonus is further subdivided into Return Bonus, Daily Spin and VIP bonus. Apart from that, there are hourly bonus and weekly bonus, which further lets the users to win more and more coins.

With its unique and distinctive features, this slot machine game is one of the best and definitely one of its kind. Let’s give a try to this game by downloading it from the following link


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