June 22, 2024
Filter subscription

Given the rate at which the climate is changing, and the number of pollutants present in the air at any given moment, especially in metropolitan cities and crowded areas, air filters in the home and office spaces have become a necessity. Different spaces, industrial or private, have different air filtration needs, and purchasing the right air filter can be a complete game changer for your health and those around you.

We spend most of our time either at home or at our workplaces. Within the confines of our own homes, we have the liberty to control the air quality of the space to ensure that we are always breathing in clean air. But in the office space, it falls to the management to create a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

One of the easiest ways of controlling air quality indoors is with the use of HVAC systems that come with air filtration technology. There are several different air filtration products available on the market that can be installed on HVAC systems to improve the indoor air quality (IQA) of office spaces. Comfort First Products is one of the leading providers of air filtration and HVAC products on the market, and each of its products is compatible with the others. The air filters can be used in addition to the HVAC systems to get the best air quality possible. You can also use air diverters on your ceiling HVAC systems to get optimum airflow and circulation around the space.

Comfort First Products Subscription Program 

Comfort First Products has also launched its air filter subscription program that sends a pack of replacement filters to the subscribers every four – six months. The package sent by Comfort First includes cover filter replacements for all the filters in your diffuser, and each of these packs comes with four filters, one for each louvre of the diffuser. The filters themselves are easy to install and maintain, and if you change them every four months, you can ensure that you get the best air quality for your establishment.

The subscription program is available for MERV-12 filters, which are perfect for use in offices and most other locations, and MERV-14 filters, which are more appropriate for use in hospitals, labs, and other areas with high filtration needs. Once you subscribe to the program, you will not have to worry about reordering every time you need to change the filter. What’s more, with your subscription, you also get free shipping after the first order you place.

Comfort First Products is a company that offers long-lasting HVAC solutions that improve the overall air quality of your working and living space. Using various deflectors, diffusers, and filters, Comfort First Products gives you a comfortable environment to work and rest in. Its commercial Filtered Air Diffusers, air vent deflectors, and draft eliminators can efficiently eliminate pollutants and allergens from the air, all the while making sure that the air is properly circulated in the space.

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