June 22, 2024

Tobias Architecture, a leader in sustainable and innovative design, announces its expansion to Calabasas, offering tailored architectural solutions that enhance Southern California’s landscapes.

Calabasas, CA – In a strategic move to widen its reach and embrace new opportunities, Tobias Architecture, known for its distinctive, sustainable designs in Malibu and the Westside, is now offering its expertise in Calabasas. With over thirty years of experience in creating visually striking and environmentally conscious buildings, the firm is set to bring its bespoke architectural services to more clients in Southern California.

We are excited to bring our architectural vision to Calabasas. This expansion is not just about growing our footprint—it’s about embedding sustainable and innovative design in more communities,” said Mr. Tobias, founder of Tobias Architecture. “We understand this region’s specific needs and aesthetics and are ready to partner with local clients to bring their visions to life.

Tobias Architecture specializes in integrating timeless aesthetics with state-of-the-art technical solutions, ensuring each project is visually appealing and highly functional. This approach has made them a preferred partner for those seeking architectural services in Calabasas and the surrounding areas.

The firm’s portfolio boasts a wide range of projects, from residential complexes to commercial buildings, all designed with meticulous oversight and a deep commitment to sustainability. Each project undertaken by Tobias Architecture is a reflection of the firm’s dedication to excellence and its ability to navigate the complex landscape of building codes and permit requirements, making them the leading building permit specialists in Malibu.

Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every aspect of the architectural process from design to execution is handled with precision and care,” added Mr. Tobias. “Whether it’s navigating building permits or tailoring designs to meet the specific climatic conditions of Southern California, we are equipped to handle all aspects of architecture.

With this expansion, Tobias Architecture aims to not only extend its reach but also to continue promoting sustainable building practices that are imperative for the future of urban development. The firm is dedicated to delivering environmentally responsible projects and perfectly aligned with the client’s goals and visions.

About Tobias Architecture

Tobias Architecture, with over thirty years of excellence, has established itself as a leader in sustainable and innovative architectural design in Malibu and the Westside. Founded by the visionary Mr. Tobias, the firm specializes in creating distinctive structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, tailored specifically to the unique landscapes of Southern California.

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